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      Wedding      WAFFY And ANGIE             San Agustin Church     

First of all, I want to say congratulations to Mr. Anthony and to all the staff of East Digital for a job very well done. Thank you for being there to capture the moments of our big day. We had fun the whole time and we enjoyed seeing and watching the videos shown on site. As such, we would want to relive those times by looking at the videos you beautifully made. Kindly send us the link of the SDE once it is available and the photobooth photos as well. We look forward to seeing our official wedding photos as well. Again, thank you and great job to your team! Regards, Angie and Waffy

      Wedding      GENE and GEZZA             Lord of the Rings Themed Wedding     

      Prenup      DANILO and MARY ROSE             Manila Yacht Club     

      Wedding      LOUIE and GRETCHEN              Sanctuario de San Jose, Greenhills     

A few months after their prenuptial pictorial, the doctor and lawyer, Louie and Gretchen respectively, finally fused their hearts together in a wedding celebration graced by the presence of their families, friends, fellow doctors and lawyers. Click the picture below to see the highlight photos of their wedding.

      Prenup      YOONG and MICHELLE              Eco Park     

      Wedding      IVAN and STEPH              Don Bosco Church, Makati     

Two hearts united as one. Ivan and Steph finally received the blessing of the Holy Matrimony in Don Bosco Church, Makati. Their wedding feast was thronged by the people who are close to their hearts - their families, relatives, friends and office mates.

      Wedding      HENESSY and DANIE              San Juan, Batangas     

Unending as the waves rushing shorewards, the love of Henessy and Danie interminably kept them in high spirits as their beach wedding celebration, graced by the presence of their parents, relatives, friends and loved ones, finally sealed their oneness.

SDE(Same-Day Edit) Wedding Videos  Premier Package

PATRICK and GUIA      Twin Hearts

After both of them passed the recent bar exam, Jeff and Guia finally ended their bethrothed romance by fusing their hearts together in matrimony. These young lawyers' hardship to finish law has indeed reaped the fruit of success and their special gift to each other, their oneness.

Singapore-based engineers, Jeff and Norvie, finally tied the knots in the most renowned wedding church in the Philippines, San Agustin Church. Amidst the vast distance that separated them before working together in Singapore, Norvie in the U.S. and Jeff in South-East Asian countries, these young techies had proven it time and again that their strong, tenacious love for each other knew no distance. Like many wedding couples, Jeff and Norive, thronged alongshore the Manila bay to feel the endless sea waves that depict the endless love between them.






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