About the Main Photographer of the Package - Premier A

        The Premier A package of East Digital Studio is headed by the studio owner himself,  Anthony C. Magana. He is the main photographer on the  prenup and wedding day. 


        In his eyes, elegance and gracefulness of the couple’s poses are the foremost important. He ensures that the couple is properly posed before clicking his camera. The poses usually vary with different couples. For a couple with noticeable height difference, he positions the couple in an elevated area on which the taller one occupies the lower part and  the shot is captured from a reclined angle. In this way the couple appears proportionately tall. For a couple with notable size difference, he arranges the couple in such a manner that a portion of the bigger one hides behind the body of the other. For the typical asian couples, he is very careful with their side views so as not to hide the nose bridges. He immediately terminates a shot when the couple appears awkward. Generally his posing style is vogue and editorial.                

        He is the one who edits the photos for the wedding album and portrait of the Premier A package . Colours, textures, exposures of the photos pass through his meticulous eyes.  See his works below which are grouped in 3 major color modes. Choose the color mode that suits your taste.

Light and Airy

This type of color mode harmoniously  blends  the white gown into  its ambience. Though blurry with blown high lights and less contrastive  , light and airy color mode  presents clean and east-to-the-eyes, muted-colored photos. Pinterest and many wedding portals use this type of color mode. Click the photo below to see samples.


As the name implies, photos are vibrant, colorful and rich in details. Small important attributes in the photos are well defined and colors are evenly balanced. Though tedious and hard, vivid color mode is Anthony’s favorite. Click the photo below to see samples.


It’s hazy and mystical looks describe the Dreamy Color mode. Though few couples prefer this type of color mode, Anthony finds it unique and challenging. Click the photo below to see samples.